Thursday, February 25, 2010

Madonna Secures Redcording Deal for Jesus

Ok, so maybe I am only posting this so I had the opportunity to type out the above title.

Digital Spy is reporting that Madonna is hell bent on fostering her Latin lover, Jesus Luz’s recording…career.

Apparently Madonna has floated all of the recording session expenses and set Jesus up with remixer Victor Calderone (‘Frozen’). Reportedly, Jesus was granted a two-single deal, after the refusal by Warner, Madonna’s former record label, of an entire album.

If true, this is almost as bad as when Britney was paying the bill for KFed’s budding rap career. As one member of a pop forum community so astutely put it: ‘Madonna can’t even earn a #1 these days, what hope does she possible have for Jesus?’

I think Madonna should nix this idea straight away and go back to recording a Confessions part II album.

What are your thoughts? Are you ready for international pop star Jesus? Sound off in the comments or @popboi on twitter.

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