Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cand te mananca, te scarpini, da' cand nu... WHY!?

Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to call her a “bitch”, that’s kinda harsh and uncalled for. She’s just ignorant, she meddles in things that she knows nothing about, but hey, that’s what all the “stars” do, they start all kinds of campaigns, to fight whatnot, hoping for a bit more media coverage and aiming to be seen as the better human. She’s just building up her image and that’s it, but honestly, if she would’ve been interested at least a bit in the case, she would’ve seen this coming.

I’m not worried about what she tried to do, I’m shocked about the disturbingly vast majority of average people that are blatantly ignorant as to defend the gypsies here (particularly the romanian gypsies) without a clue of what they’re talking about.

So, before any of you empathetic, better human beings rush to post here again, know that, although not all the gypsies fall in the “criminal” category (only about 99.8% to 99.99% by my humble and sarcastic estimation), I bet that the romanian people can be convinced to ship them all to wherever your loving and tolerant country is. Poke around a bit, read, prove that you’re not totally ignorant and then come and post with some valid arguments.

Hope she has a concert in Italy and she’ll preach against the “gypsy hatred” over there as well.

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Went over the character limit, got bored, so here it is, where noone will see it.

Update related to the previous clip:

It seems that comments are included so I ain’t gonna bother adding anything else.


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