Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Miley Cyrus Says Something Snarky, Media Reacts Accordingly

So Miley Cyrus, who at 17 years old is apparently an expert at parenting, dancing with stripper poles, and posing with her shirt half off for Annie Liebovitz, has spoken out against the likes of Madonna and Angelina Jolie for the way they place their children in the public eye. Wait – isn’t she still a minor being presented to the public?

MomLogic.com has details on the singer’s rant, which she made during an interview in Dublin.

This skirt also doubles as a belt!

Full transcripts of the interview have not yet been released, so who knows the context just yet, but I have to say, I think Madonna and Angelina have been pretty discreet about how they present their children publicly. I was more disturbed by Michael Jackson parading his kids around with washcloths over their heads, which is a whole other extreme.

It would very hard to completely shelter your kids from the public if you happen to be a celebrity. There’s only so much you can do.

Still, I think Miley is a quite talented young woman, I enjoy an occasional iPod click on ‘The Climb” and that party that she keeps singing about, in the USA and all. I just think she does a little too much testifyin’ about life for a 17 year old. Do some more livin’ before you do so much talkin’, please.

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