Saturday, December 19, 2009

'Tis the season to be random

Driving into work I was listening to the radio and they were talking about Tiger Woods. The DJ Alan said he always knew that Tiger wasn’t this squeaky clean guy he was portrayed to be. Sure you did. It’s amazing how many people “always know” things nobody knows.

And on the same morning, same time, same station, the female DJ, Rebecca, was talking about Barbara Walter’s show that aired the night before. Babs interviewed Lady GaGa. (who is totally overexposed) It’s Rebecca’s opinion that LG is “this generation’s Madonna.” The difference of course being that Madonna actually has a modicum of talent and therefore endured. LG will be forgotten within a decade.

I have been watching the Discovery channel’s Planet Earth series, this is from Shallow Seas. A pod of  humpbacked whales hunting krill in Antarctica, about one minute into the video, it’s just beautiful.

The Steelers are now 6-7, they lost to the Browns 13-6. I am at a loss for words, this is truly a disgrace. If it wasn’t for sunday afternoon football with Dad, I wouldn’t waste my time on another game this season.

Angelina Jolie is criticizing President Obama’s handling of the Sudan. Firstly, before we go storming into the Sudan to “bring stability” to the area, may I ask why we (Americans) are the world police? Secondly may I suggest before we send more American troops out to die in the Sudan, might we not settle Iraq and Afghanistan and end the needless bloodshed of American lives in those two wars before starting another? And finally we all care about AJ’s opinions because she is known as a brain trust?

On Friday December 11th, on the Today show, Matt Lauer interviewed Jaime Jungers the alleged mistress of Tiger woods. Being a porn star she does, after all, have a stellar reputation and is an upstanding member of society. ML just did an “extensive, in-depth” look into the war in Afghanistan, but why air that? President Obama just received the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, but why report on that? It is much more news worthy to interview prostitutes.

I walked in to best buy looking for a tape recorder for school. Turns out tape recorders are obsolete. It’s all about digital voice recorders now. ~sigh~ Why do I feel like a dinosaur?

Having just finished the discovery channel’s Planet Earth series, it’s not surprising that my favorite of all the series turned out to be Seasonal Forest. The Taiga forest, which contains more trees than all the rainforest combined, contains a third of all the trees on Earth, and replenishes the atmosphere of the entire planet. The Redwood forest which contains three of the worlds tallest trees, which pre-date the Swiss Alps and the Rocky mountains. The Sequoia National Forest’s General Sherman the largest living thing on earth, and  Bristle cone pine trees the oldest living organism on the planet, a life form that predates the pyramids, and was already three thousand years old during the time of Christ. It’s the only show in the series I watched twice. Just looking at these incredible forest made me feel at peace. Someday I hope to hike in all three of these forest.

My top four favorite episodes in the Planet Earth series, Seasonal Forest, Ice World, Shallow Oceans and finally, Ocean Deep.

So remember when I was whining talking about how unfair it was that when I lifted weights I didn’t get all ten thousand steps in? I work really hard, burn lots of calories, but still didn’t get the steps? Turns out that one forty-five minute session of weight lifting is equal to 5625 steps, or 125 steps per minute. (based on my body type per JC)

Starting to look forward to hot flashes because I have been perpetually cold for a year.

“Fear,” he said. “Fences and fear. Fences made of fear.” Gabriel’s ram~Three bags full by Leonie Swann

This, in a word, is reprehensible.


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