Sunday, October 18, 2009

The X Factor: Cheryl Cole is a Girl Aloud

“It’s time to face the music”, yadda, yadda… but this time it was Cheryl’s turn. And I actually felt a pang of nerves for her.

Did she sing live? Or just ‘perform’ live? I’m not sure, but I’m not sure I care.

Her debut solo single ‘Fight For This Love’ had a shaky start and at first I thought the raunchy military garb was a bit bizarre. But the track is a grower – and the girl can move.

If Simon had been honest I think he would have said: “Not the best vocal.” But that would have made her cry – again. And we’ve all had enough emotion for one weekend.

She may not have the strongest voice but she’s a fantastic performer. And that combination didn’t do the likes of Madonna or Kylie any harm.

It’s just a shame she was immediately followed by the powerhouse set of lungs that is Whitney Houston – a true diva, despite being oddly fazed by the wardrobe malfunction.

Anyway, 45 minutes into the show and back to the point.

John & Edward were obviously not going to be booted off – despite performing like they’d been granted their Jim’ll Fix It dream to be ‘popstars for the night’.

Cheryl even chucked an insult at them at the end. I love it when her angelic halo slips a bit.

In a totally predictable finale, Rachel (undeservedly) went up against Rikki in a fight for survival.

…And Rikki went. Thank god for that. But don’t worry. For all you Rikki fans out there, I promise you’ll be over it by this time next week.


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