Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brian Frasier-Moore @ NAMM Interview

Check out this interview of Brian Frasier-Moore by HarmonyCentral at the 2010 NAMM event, where Brian talks about his signature snare drum by TAMA! Brian says that the prototype has already been on stage – you guessed it: at Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour! Brian says that he’ll go on tour with Christina Aguilera in February and back to Madonna in 2011! (get ready!!!!!!!)

Brian talks about his signature snare drum by TAMA (click on the photo to watch the video)

You can see how excited & proud Brian is when he gets to talk about his signature snare – and honestly, we couldn’t be happier for him! Here’s a nice video of Madonna performing “Vogue” so you can get a taste of Brian’s drumming! To find more info about the snare go here.

[Via http://axestaticprocess.wordpress.com]

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