Sunday, January 31, 2010

From "Noah's Arc" Star To Beyonce's Back-Up Dancer???

This could be one of the greatest moments in entertainment for the Black GLBT community, or this may end up being a major step backwards in a career of an icon within the Black GLBT community — an epic fail.  The two biggest celebrities worshiped by the Black GLBT community will share the same stage on live television tonight at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles — according to one of the stars himself, Jensen Atwood.  He announced that he will share the stage with current queen diva of the Black GLBT community R&B sensation Beyonce.

You heard that right.  The hunky actor that mesmerized many millions of fans into watching the internationally-known cult classic “Noah’s Arc” TV series and film stated on his Facebook update that he will be “one of sixty dancers” that will back-up Beyonce.   Sccrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh-eh-eh-eh!!!  Did he just say ONE of SIXTY dancers?

If anything, let’s hope he is the principal dancer or the leading male in the performance.  Beyonce, or anyone in her entourage of gay employees, should know who Jensen is and the clout he has (or had) within the Black GLBT community for being the breakout star of a star that tops all of Black GLBT pop culture, or maybe tied with Janet Jackson’s influence on modern music with Beyonce being third and the current queen.  You get my damn point!

Who is Jensen’s management?  Let’s hope they have the sense to turn this questionable career move into an iconic moment.  Perhaps this post will do the trick just to prove me wrong.  It could be their last minute “genius” idea that they forgot to come up with until I put in my two-cents.

Hell.  Beyonce should even recognize him on stage.  That would trump Lady Gaga’s “thank you” to the gays at the MTV Video Music Awards, at least to the Black “kidz.”  They’re both Virgos — that is Virgo power for that azz.  Then again, Beyonce IS a Virgo…it’s all about her.  She didn’t look genuine in giving Taylor Swift her shine last year at VMAs as well as Jennifer Hudson for her work in their movie Dreamgirls.

Enough of the ranting…I will wait and see if I can recognize Jensen within the one of sixty dancers or THE ONE of sixty dancers.  Check out his updates below which I posted here.  If I were to place my bet, he would just be one of the sixty and the one.

I had to post up the comments from the stans/fans too because I think “congratulations” and “kudos” are too early on this.  Many of your would call me hater on this, but I’m not.  I always a realist and not a delusional starfucker.  I will check my favorite divas on here too when necessary.  You heard how I hated Toni Braxton’s duet with Trey Songz, and she is the singer I listen to the most besides Mary J. Blige and Janet Jackson.

In my opinion, the news of anyone becoming a back-up dancer for the grandest Black gay icon of today, Beyonce Knowles, sounds spectacular – anyone but another leading Black GLBT icon, especially from the ultimate TV show and movie of Black GLBT pop culture.  That is like Janet Jackson and Madonna dancing in the background for Lady Gaga or Britney Spears. That is like Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston singing back up for Christina Aguilera.


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