Thursday, January 7, 2010

Will Lady GaGa Launch Her Own Clothing Line?

Ah, Lady GaGa. Not since Madonna and her cone bras have we seen a performer with such an outrageous sense of fashion. Since her debut, her music has spread through the airwaves like wildfire. Blunt, fringed platinum-blond hair, French-cut one-piece suits, sequined opaque shades and all, Lady GaGa has become more than a Billboard chart-topping star — she has become a fashion icon.

Early last year, Lady GaGa announced her interest in designing her own clothing line, which would promote her unique style and would cater mostly to the teen audience. She expressed genuine enthusiasm in the project, saying she couldn’t wait to do her own line within the next year. Well, it is now “next year” and we are all wondering what has become of her little fashion project.

Many are of the opinion that it is a definite possibility that Lady GaGa will launch her own fashion line. She already has a large degree of creative license in her own personal and performance clothing style. The fact that she continues to design her own clothing and accessories means that she has an immense drive to create and express herself, not only through music, but also through what she wears. Whether or not she is as enthusiastic at sharing her style with others now as she was last year remains to be seen.

There is also the question as to whether or not Lady GaGa’s fashion will fly among today’s trend-savvy teens. After two extremely successful album releases, we are confident about Lady GaGa’s influence in the music industry. Some say the release of her clothing line will rock the very foundations of modern fashion. Others say her fashion sense is simply too eccentric to be developed into a mainstream fashion line. Even some fans of Lady GaGa admit that — as much as they love her music and admire her bold sense of style — they are not quite sure whether they can wear clothes the way Lady GaGa does.

But we’re not asking about the Lady GaGa’s line’s potential for success. We are asking how soon it will be released.

Currently, 72% of the Predicto community has voted yes, we just might be seeing a “House of GaGa” sometime soon, whereas 28% disagree.

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