Sunday, January 17, 2010

Step away from Madonna...

Sometimes in life it’s best to challenge ourselves… I don’t know who said that but I am guessing that they were probably mean spirited.. and by “challenge” they really meant “yes you should do something stupid like sing Madonna at Karaoke after one drink”. Which is basically what I stupidly did on Friday. I can’t even lie and say “I’m not sure what was going through my mind”! I know exactly what was going through my mind…  I figured that since I have had so much success dancing to Like a Prayer in the past… singing it would just translate perfectly.

it did not. There was reason during my brief stint as a drama major that I avoided musicals like the plague. 

Another big reason for the fail was due to the fact that it was not the crazy club mix that I am so accustomed to. This proved to be a problem because with my awful eyesight I could not really read the screen! I don’t get embarrassed easily but this was an exception!

The lesson learned this weekend is that certain talents are best left unexplored.


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