Sunday, January 3, 2010

Candy Perfume Girl Chords (DWT)

We figured it’s time to post another Madonna guitar sheet and start having some fun now that 2010 is just about to begin! And what could be more fun than to play another great song by the Madge-sty, which is also a very simple one to learn as well? Plug in your electric guitars and get the “Candy Perfume Girl” sheet from the Guitar Tabs & Chords page!

Monte Pittman & Madonna strumming some high notes (click to see the video)

Madonna first performed CPG in the “Drowned World Tour” (2001) and it was first song in which we saw her playing an electric guitar! (a Gibson Les Paul Classic) And she even played a solo towards the end! Needless to say that Miss Fitz and I would LOVE to see her nailing the guitar like that again in her next tour!!


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