Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adam Lambert walks line between entertainment and embarrassment

Adam Lambert performed at the American Music Awards earlier this week, and really confused me.  A firm supporter of expressing yourself through art and entertainment, I couldn’t tell if what I was watching was entertainment or just for the sake of shock value.

Lambert was reported saying that he didn’t see a difference between his performance and the MTV Video Music Awards where Madonna kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

But that brings up another question, what sort of relevance or freshness does his performance bring to pop-culture?  Madonna performed “Like a Virgin” at the very first VMA’s in 1984, and her sexually charged performance was revolutionary.  It could be equivalent to the first time people saw Elvis Presley perform for the first time.

But Lambert is no Elvis or Madonna, not even close.  So his performance offers nothing relevant, fresh or revolutionary to our popular culture.

Another question for Lambert is what is he trying to express through his performance?  Did he have a political or ideological message in mind? As far as I am concerned, and according to news reports Lambert had no message in mind.  His actions were spontaneous and therefore I can only conclude that his performance was for the sake of shock-value and offers no value to the entertainment biz.



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