Tuesday, November 17, 2009

live on P4 Good Morning Stockholm

Today I got up really early (5.30 am) after thinking all night “it must be just about time to get up” and realizing I still had hours left to sleep …

That’s what can happen when you get the chance to play in front of a lot of people!

I got all dressed in my eco best and headed over to Swedish Radio in Stockholm with my boyfriend Martin and his guitar. Tobias our drummer met us there.

We were asked to do an acoustic set so we decided to do “Nothing and All” because it sounds good acoustic and because the lyrics are purely the IVA mantra … getting underneath it all to find the truth. We got to the station early which gave me a chance to warm up (no caffeine for me this morning, the voice does not like it!) and then off we went into the studio. P4 is one of the major Swedish Radio stations, the nationalized radio that reaches many, many Swedes so I was very nervous, especially about speaking Swedish. Fortunately Anna-Karin our host got me through the interview and I was off to do what I do best .. sing. I had a little shaker egg this time to play while I sang and I’ve never performed with one before, and after forgetting about it many times in rehearsal I managed to get it right today! Nothing like live adrenaline. So now I can stand, sing, and play a shaker. Not bad, I think.

You can listen to the program here http://www.sr.se/cgi-bin/stockholm/program/index.asp?ProgramID=739

and listen to the album version of Nothing and All here http://www.reverbnation.com/iva

(All my clothes are ecological .. from Ekovaruhuset.se and Bazca.se)

love to you all!

IVA and host Anna-Karin Andersson from P4 Good Morning Stockholm

Tobias gets set up for P4

Martin gets sound checked for P4

IVA live on P4 Radio Stockholm (IVA, Martin Karlegård, Tobias Martinsson)

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