Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Pet Skull

If you haven’t yet heard, micro-piglets are apparently all the rage nowadays. So much so that even Victoria Beckham has (or is planning to get) one for her husband’s birthday. I want one for myself, but the $$$ is waaayy out of my price range, and I don’t think pets are allowed in our apartment. So instead of going broke and being homeless, I opted to adopt a different pet.


Meet Skull. Just Skull. Like Prince or Madonna. Skull, not Skully (he hates that). He’s a little too macabre for a pet. But the first time I saw him, I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk out of the store without him. It was the first time I was actually attracted by a skull thing. Seasons late, but here I am getting on the bandwagon (is anyone else still on this wagon??? LOL).

Skull’s a bit of a loner. He especially hates keys, so he hangs around as a charm on my purse. Oh, and, yes, Skull’s a he. His girl counterpart I didn’t really care much for (I like the boys to myself, thank you very much) because she was too pink.

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