Friday, September 18, 2009

Celebration CD booklet

This is part of the 1 CD booklet. I do believe the 1 CD booklet unfolds out to the poster as seen above. The 2 CD booklet is much more extensive.

Okay, so I’ve decided I’m buying both the 1 CD and 2 CD formats after seeing the artwork. I know it may sound silly, but I’ve invested over 25 years

in this woman, and I feel the need to splurge on this. The fact both formats have different artwork and posters is an added plus to this. This is definitely

a collection that’s worth owning. And most definitely, I’ll be picking up the DVD set on this as well. Though, I’m pretty sure I am passing on buying the digital

collection. I just feel the only reason I would be doing it is for the one new song which I am sure I’ll find somewhere. And the video collection isn’t complete

with the digital deluxe version vs. the DVD.

So who is going to buy both physical formats? Who is going to buy all the formats? I’m sure if enough fans who do this, it’s possible this collection could

hit #1. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s the poster that comes with the 2 CD set. The 1 CD set has the same image but it’s the black and white version.

I know. I saw that poster and thought… hell, I’ve got to have it!!

Here’s the poster in the 1 CD format:

and here’s just 2 pages of the booklet in the 2 CD set:

Another image from 2 CD booklet:

2 CD:

1 CD:

more from the 2 CD booklet:

More from the 2 CD booklet:

Here the back of the 2 CD format:

Below is the back side which is actually the booklet:

If you look, you see the top right square image while it’s in the CD tray. And then when it’s unfolded, you see it’s the top right corner there with the credits for all the songs is below, lying on it’s side. So yeah, I am thinking that the poster is the booklet for the 1 CD. (Awaits for some to go completely bonkers over this one. LOL!)

So I believe that DOUBLE CD is with the booklet and poster separately.

In this photo we can see the poster behind the album (with booklet inside)

Well, the single CD has the album credits (neut’s first post) for sure. No idea what’s on the back of the double. Maybe one’s b/w the other color? That seems possible – look at the folds of both posters:

It’s quite possible they’re opposite sides, given the inverse folds. But that’s just a hazarded guess.

Celebration (2 CD)


List Price: $24.98 Price: $17.99 You Save: $6.99 (28%)

Release Date: September 29, 2009

Product Description

2 CD edition. Madonna, who has racked up a record 37 top 10 hits as well as seven No. 1 albums (including her last four) on the Billboard Pop Charts, has given her fans yet another opportunity to ‘celebrate’ her musical achievements. The songs on ‘Celebration’ have all been remastered and selected by Madonna and her fans. They cover the expanse of the Material Girl’s extraordinary career of hits

Track Listings

Disc 1

1. Hung Up

2. Music

3. Vogue

4. 4 Minutes

5. Holiday

6. Everybody

7. Like A Virgin

8. Into The Groove

9. Like A Prayer 10. Ray Of Light

11. Sorry

12. Express Yourself

13. Open Your Heart

14. Borderline

15. Secret

16. Erotica

17. Justify My Love

18. Revolver

Disc 2

1. Dress You Up

2. Material Girl

3. La Isla Bonita

4. Papa Don’t Preach

5. Lucky Star

6. Burning Up

7. Crazy For You

8. Who’s That Girl

9. Frozen 10. Miles Away

11. Take A Bow

12. Live To Tell

13. Beautiful Stranger

14. Hollywood

15. Die Another Day

16. Don’t Tell Me

17. Cherish

18. Celebration

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