Monday, September 28, 2009

Madonna wants to marry Jesus Luz by the end of the year!

In an interview for “Hello!” magazine, Madonna’s biographer, Randy Taraborrelli said the Diva wants to get married until the end of the year.

The lucky broom is Brazilian model, Jesus Luz, which is only 22 years old. “Madonna is crazy about Jesus and told his close friends and family that she would see herself married with him”,. said biographer. Taraborelli added that Madonna always speaks openly about her love towards Jesus which she considers “a sweet”. The same biographer has revealed that the upcoming wedding could take place until the end of the year and will be a grand event. “He wants an opulent wedding. This is also Jesus desire. She has too many good memories from his other ceremonies, so it can’t make an exception. She certainly wants a large and extravagant event”, Taraborelli completed.

Madonna is in front of her third marriage, after she was married to actor Sean Penn and British director Guy Ritchie.

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