Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trampolines Boosted by Celebrities

In a brilliant price of nonsense PR, Tesco have issued a press release that claims that Trampoline Sales are up 70%, boosted by celebrities like Madonna and Victoria Beckham.

Whilst it can not do sales any harm, it seems total rubbish to us. Sales are ok, but not up by 70%, and what evidence is there that Madonna and the Beckhams have trampolines. Have you seen their trampolines in the papers. We look out for that kind of thing, and certainly have not seen their trampolines.

What brand do you think the celebrities have?

Which retailer sold it to the Beckhams and Madonna? Did they go for a top brand, or a budget trampoline. did they get an enclosure? Are there any videos on the web of them using their trampolines? come on TP Activity Toys Trampolines brand manager, and Supertramp Marketing Men, which famous celebrities have you delivered to?

Seems a piece of PR spin , using celebrity names in a blatant attempt to make the story seem sexy.

Still trampolines re fun, they are healthy, and we all sell them, so good luck, and great positive news.

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