Thursday, September 17, 2009

Revolver - Madonna feat. Lil Wayne

Madonna is about to release a greatest hits album called Celebration. I’m really digging the Warhol-tastic album art. After releasing a really lackluster single called, unsurprisingly, “Celebration” the pop legend leaks a new single featuring hip-hop golden boy, Lil Wayne. The beat is good, the lyrics are pretty standard Madonna pop fare and the hook is killer. This is what I call a greatest hits single.

While “Celebration” was in the same vain as the electronic phase the singer donned since a bit before the turn of the century starting with 1998’s Ray of Light (that is, until Hard Candy’s hip-pop), it was nowhere near as good as even some of the worse album cuts. Very disappointing.

But “Revolver”  is exactly how all of Hard Candy should have sounded. Apart from obvious exceptions, (”4 Minutes,” “Give It to Me,” and “Beat Goes On (feat. Kanye West)”) Hard Candy was underwhelming. This single gives us something to rock out to while waiting for something bigger and better from the singer. If she does more, which I’m sure she will.

Revolver  (feat. Lil Wayne) Bonus Downloads: Celebration Celebration (Oakenfold 12″ Dub)

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