Thursday, September 17, 2009

Madonna - Revolver (feat. Lil Wayne)

We hope the title is a reference to the shit Guy Ritchie film. We wouldn’t put it past Madonna. The song is alright. This wouldn’t sound out of place on one of Britney’s past two albums. The rhythm is definitely very similar to If You Seek Amy. The people that listen to one electropop song after another and don’t care who sings it will like it because it’s, as we say, another electropop song. It’s just one metaphor after another. Some work well like “You’re an accessory to murder” and “I’m no counterfeit” others less so like the cringey “Who’s the baddest of them all?” There’s an “E-oh E-oh” bit because apparently every pop song needs a catchy nonsensical noise at the moment. We quite like Lil’ Wayne in small doses and he does his bit and then we don’t hear much more from him.  It seems a bit pointless but it fills thirty seconds and HE’S COOL AND YOUNG.

Madonna’s songs used to feel important and different but this one could fit easily on a Kristinia DeBarge or Eva Simons album. Lady Gaga wouldn’t put this on her album because it’s too blunt and unimaginative. It’s ridiculous but we guess most pop stars that have carried on into their older age get beaten at their own game by the people they’ve influenced at some point. Obviously Madonna is good at comebacks and ‘reinventions’ so she could come back outplaying everyone again in a year or two. Everyone knows it’ll never be over for her until she says so because face it she’s Madonna.

Hear it here.

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